Terms & Conditions

By registering and agreeing to these terms, you hereby release The Acadiana Croppers (TAC), its staff, and any vendors, instructors or associates from any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, costs, and expenses of any kind which arise out of or result from your attendance and participation in a TAC event whether or not foreseeable, including personal injuries to yourself.

No refunds will be granted due to natural disasters, national emergencies, or Acts of God as we are still obligated to the hotel. If our venue is open, then the event will be held with no refunds for cancellations or no-shows.

If an event needs to be cancelled due to venue closure, no penalty fees will occur and the event will be rescheduled for a later date.

With your attendance at this event, you agree that you and/or your craft projects may be included in photos on the TAC website and/or social media outlets.

These special weekend package rates do not include any incidentals incurred by you such as phone bills, rollaways, refrigerators, room service, movie charges, etc., and will be your responsibility to pay the hotel for these extra charges before check-out.

MUSIC:  TAC provides music for all events.  I promise that there is a good variety of music to accommodate listeners of all genres.  If you prefer to bring your own music, you must bring and use personal headphones or earbuds.  No speakers will be allowed at tables due to the conflicting noise.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  There will be no children allowed in the crop room or classrooms at TAC for an extended period of time.  Croppers ages 16 and over must be registered for their own crop space.  A quick visit by family members is acceptable, but I can not have them in the crop room for longer than that.  Please share this information with family members so that you all may be cooperative with this request.

VISITORS:  Unregistered adults/friends are allowed to come into the crop area to visit, take classes, shop and complete make-and-takes (as available) with vendors. Visitors may not sit in unoccupied seats nor pull up seats to sit at crop tables and visit for an extended period of time. Extended visits may take place in the seating areas of the hotel foyer and Grand Ballroom foyer. Please share this information with adults/friends that may plan to visit so that you all may be cooperative with this request.

BEVERAGES:  Due to the fact that everyone’s photos and paper supplies are spread out around the room, there will be NO open drink containers allowed in the crop room. Please make sure all your drinks are in a covered mug or a screw cap bottle.  An additional yet optional suggestion would be to have a personal cup holder that attaches to the side of your table.

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS AND USAGE:  TAC does not supply electrical cords or outlets for your personal table lights. If you choose to take advantage of a nearby electrical outlet in the hotel crop room, you must secure your own electrical cord to the floor with masking tape only. No clear tape or duct tape shall be acceptable and will need to be replaced immediately with the proper masking tape. If this is not possible, the electric cord will need to be removed immediately. TAC can not supply tape to any attendees. TAC is furthermore released from any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, costs, and expenses of any kind which arise out of or result from your usage of the hotel’s electrical supply.

MIXING PACKAGES: I will not be able to accommodate mixed occupancy packages. All overnight attendees will need to sign up for the same package as their roommates. If there is a difference in someone’s registration, I will change the package to match the other roommate’s packages. If one or two people out of three or four total roommates are coming earlier than the rest, I suggest you work out an amicable financial exchange amongst yourselves, to make the package fair for all.

UNSOLICITED ADVERTISING:  Unsolicited advertising in the form of coupons, fliers, and any other means, printed or otherwise, is strictly prohibited unless granted permission by TAC. Any person or group found distributing unsolicited advertising will be subject to advertising fees determined by TAC. Distribution of fliers, coupons and any other printed materials is in direct violation of attendee registration and our contracts with on-site vendors.

UNAPPROVED SELLING:  Selling products from your table without previously obtaining permission from TAC will not be tolerated. Any person or group found selling items at TAC, without filling out a vendor form and paying the required vendor booth fees will be charged additional vendor fees and/or will be required to remove the items for sale from the premises immediately.

RETURNED CHECK FEE:  There will be a $40.00 fee added to your account balance for any checks returned for Insufficient Funds.

Policy Updated 12/10/17