How can I contact you?
You can e-mail me at tabitha_rojas@yahoo.com.
Mail to TAC at 4933A Central Ave., Lafitte, LA 70067.
Message me on Facebook.

Who can register for a TAC Event?
Anyone over the age of 16 that is interested in crafting with fellow crafters! Most of our registered attendees are scrapbookers, but we also have many other attendees who come to work on cards, altered art projects and sewing crafts.

How can I register for a TAC Event?
You can register online by clicking the registration link under the events link.  To register and pay by credit card, simply complete the online registration form.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay your registration fee.  You have the option of paying by opening an account or by just entering your payment info.

To register and pay by check, you’ll need to print, complete and mail in the registration form, along with your payment to TAC at 4933A Central Ave., Lafitte, LA 70067.  Click the links below for a pdf and word version of the mail-in registration forms.

Register for TAC by Mail – PDF

Register for TAC by Mail – MS Word Doc

You may complete a registration for a friend, but please note in the message area for whom the registration is intended by listing their first and last name as well as their email address.

What kind of packages does TAC offer?
TAC offers both local and hotel packages for events.  Single day packages are offered as they become available.

  • Local packages do not include a hotel room, you only pay a crop fee and can choose the number of days you wish to attend.
  • Hotel packages include a hotel room at the Hilton for each night that you are registered to attend.  Single occupancy packages will include a King bed. Important Note: Double, triple and quad occupancy packages will include 2 double sized beds.

Please Note: I am unable to mix different packages for the same hotel room. Please see the Terms and Conditions link for more information.

Can I make payments toward my package costs?
Sure! If you choose, you can make as many payments as you need to through PayPal by sending payments to www.paypal.me/tacrop or by mailing in a check to TAC at 4933A Central Ave., Lafitte, LA 70067. If you need to check your balance or have a question about making payments, please e-mail me at tabitha_rojas@yahoo.com.

I am coming with a group of friends.  How can we make sure that we are all seated together?
After all members of your group are registered, your designated “group leader” will be responsible for submitting names and seating arrangements for your group. Please make sure that you have permission from all named on your seating request before submitting. You may be as specific as to who each of you would like to sit next to, across from, etc. I will always do my best to accommodate any special seating requests.

Please send forms by email (preferred) to tabitha_rojas@yahoo.com or mail to TAC at 4933A Central Ave., Lafitte, LA 70067.

This form will be due no later than the event’s balance due deadline. Forms received after this date may not receive requested seating arrangements. Click the links below for a pdf and word version of the seating forms.

TAC Group Seating Form – PDF

TAC Group Seating Form – MS Word Doc

What is the cancellation policy?
Click here to be directed to the cancellation policy page.

How many people will be at this TAC Event?
The Summer New Orleans Event can host up to 100 croppers.
The Fall Beach Event can host up to 40 croppers.

Can I bring my husband and/or my children?
If you are registered for a single package, you may choose to bring your family to stay at the hotel with you, but this does not grant them access to a cropping space at the event. Because of the adult atmosphere and conversations that often occur at crops and this being a get-a-way for many attendees from their own families, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in or attend events. Visiting by husbands and children is allowed as long as it is not for an extended period of time and children are well behaved. With this in mind, please be respectful to your table mates and others surrounding you when bringing in any visitors or family members. Please visit the Terms & Conditions link for more information.

Can my friends, that weren’t able to register, come to visit?
Unregistered friends are allowed to come into the crop area to visit, take classes, shop and complete make-and-takes (as available) with vendors. I ask that visitors do not sit in unoccupied seats or pull up seats to sit at crop tables to visit for an extended period of time. Please be respectful to your table mates and others surrounding you when a visitor stops by. Please visit the Terms & Conditions link for more information.

What do I need to bring to a TAC event?
Bring just the supplies that you think you would normally use when you scrapbook. Please don’t bring everything!! If you pre-plan, that is the best way to make sure you have all of your supplies covered. It also makes loading and unloading much easier and ensures you have comfortable space while cropping.

If  you have forgotten something, our vendors usually carry nearly all of the necessities. Dress comfortably and bring a sweater in case you find the room gets a little chilly. You can bring a seat cushion if you need one. Also, remember to bring some snacks and your camera to take pictures so you can scrapbook your unforgettable TAC memories.

Here is a general packing list compiled by Maleta Fischer.

Thanks Maleta!

What are the crop hours?

  • 12:00 pm TAC opens for those that have registered for a local or hotel package #1.
  • 3:00 pm Hotel rooms are available for check-in
  • 10:00 pm All Scrappers Seated Prize Drawing
  • 2:00 am Crop room closes.


  • 7:00 am Crop room opens. Registration for those registered as a local or hotel package #2.
  • 3:00 pm Swaps – See the swap section below for more info.
  • 10:00 pm All Scrappers Seated Prize Drawing & Early Registration Drawing
  • 2:00 am Crop room closes.


  • 7:00 am Crop room opens. Registration for those registered as a local or hotel package #3.
  • 10:00 pm All Scrappers Seated Prize Drawing & Layout Contest Winners Announced
  • 10:15 pm Secret Pal Reveal
  • 2:00 am Crop room closes.


  • 7:00 am Crop room opens.
  • 10:00 am All Scrappers Seated Prize Drawing
  • 12:00 pm Hotel Check-out
  • 2:00 pm TAC Ends.

Will there be any contests?
For those of you who are TAC regulars, you’ll notice that I’m changing up the contests portion of the event! We will have 3 categories to enter to win a free Local Crop Package. You and your fellow scrappers will vote for their favorite in each category between 12:00 – 2:30 pm on Saturday. Votes will be tallied and winners will be announced after the 10:00 pm drawing on Saturday.

  • Best Layout: Enter your best single or double page layout.
  • Best Photography: Enter your best photograph in either a single/double page layout or on a mixed media project.
  • Best Mixed Media Project: Enter your best mixed media project. Projects can be on canvas, frames, wood, or a single/double page layout.

Here are the guidelines for all contests:

  • Everyone is eligible to enter one category.
  • All layouts must be submitted in page protectors. I will not take your layout without one.
  • No entries from previous events, classes, or kits.
  • All entries must have a completed registration form and be turned in to the registration table no later than 11 am Saturday. We will not accept late entries.

Will there be any swaps?
We do host many different swaps for this event. All swaps materials should be prepared prior to the event. Swaps are scheduled for Friday afternoon.

We also host a secret pal swap. Secret pal surveys are sent out as you register. Swapping begins on Friday and end on Saturday with a reveal after the 10 pm prize drawing.

You can find all information pertaining to the swaps and secret pals by visiting the event info link where you will find the swaps link. This link will be open as swaps are available.

If you have a great swap idea that you’d like to share, please email me at tabitha_rojas@yahoo.com.

Are there going to be any classes or make-n-takes offered? 
There will be several classes offered at an additional charge and free make-n-takes for you to choose from at all of the weekend events. You will be able to find available classes by visiting the vendors’ booths at the event.

Vendors will offer make-n-takes at their booths throughout each day of the event. You can sign up for these throughout the event.

Does TAC provide food with the crop packages?
TAC does not provide food for the weekend events. A water and ice station will be set up for your convenience.

How much space will I have to crop?
Everyone’s cropping space is half of an 8 foot table. Everyone will also have an end seat so you will have room around your seat and under your table to place your bags.

Will I have access to an outlet?
Please visit the Terms and Conditions link for detailed information about outlet usage.

Can I leave my cropping stuff at my seat overnight?
Yes! At 2 am the crop room will be locked until the crop room is reopened the following morning.

I can’t come to crop but would like to take a class, shop with the vendors or visit a friend.
You can come to an event to take a class (see classes link for individual class fees), come shop our vendors at no charge.  Just check in at the registration table upon arriving to purchase class tickets.

If you plan to visit registered croppers at their tables, please be brief. I must ask that visitors not sit in unoccupied seats or pull up additional seats to crop tables. If you’d like to visit a bit longer, please enjoy the two very comfortable seating areas for visiting in the Ballroom foyer or hotel lobby.

Will there be any tools available to use?
There will be a table with a Cricut Expression & over 150 cartridges to cut from, a computer and printer available for your use while you are cropping.

What is the All Scrappers Seated Prize Drawing?
When you check-in at a TAC event, you will receive and envelope in which you will find a different colored ticket for each day that you are registered to crop. Each day you will have a choice of three awesome prizes to enter to win! Tickets will be drawn each night at 10 pm and Sunday at 10 am.

Each day will be assigned a different colored ticket that you can use to enter to win. When you receive your ticket, write your name on the back (or not) and enter it into prize drawing. The only catch to this is that you have to be seated (or shopping!) to be eligible to win.

What are the door prizes?
As soon as you are registered for an event, you are automatically entered to win one of our hourly door prizes. Thursday through Saturday from 9 am until 9 pm, I will draw names every hour from our registered attendees list to come to the registration table to choose a prize. You do not need to be present to choose your prize, just make sure you check the prize board to see if your name was called while you were away!

Will there be vendors?
Yes! You can see the vendor list under the event info link. Also, please see the Terms and Conditions link in regards to unsolicited advertising and unapproved selling of items at TAC events.

Will the vendors take credit cards?
Vendors may or may not be accepting credit cards. Come prepared to pay cash or with a check just in case.

Will there be music?
TAC provides music for all events. I promise that there is a good variety of music to accommodate listeners of all genres. If you prefer to bring your own music or watch videos on your laptop or tablet, you must bring and use personal headphones or earbuds. No speakers will be allowed at tables due to the conflicting noise.

Can we bring food and drinks into the crop room?
You may bring in your own snacks and drinks. TAC has a no open drink policy for all events. There should be no open drinks of any kind on any crop tables. All drinks must have covers, preferably no-spill, or should be placed in a drink holder that attaches to the table, such as a Sidekick (by Creative Memories) or a Tag-a-long. If you are interested, I will have these holders for sale at the registration table. This is for the safety and respect for your table mates and your own precious photos and keepsakes. We ask that everyone abide by this request. Please visit the Terms and Conditions link for more information.

What is the event Early Registration Drawing?
Everyone who pays their event balance in full by the deadline (see the events link for specific dates) will be entered to win $100 cash! This drawing takes place on Friday after the 10 pm prize drawing.

Do you have a question that is not answered here or would like to suggest a question and answer to be added to this list? Then please e-mail it to me at tabitha_rojas@yahoo.com.

updated 12/10/17


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